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A key component of our 50th anniversary conference will be to discuss and discern our path forward for LGBTQI equality and justice in the church and society in the decades to come.

During the last 18 months of this Jubilee period, Dignity communities and members have committed to thoughtful examination and discussion of our movement and organization. We have reflected on and honored our rich history, taken stock of where we are today, and begun to envision the possibilities of our future. Read the summaries of each community’s conversations of these topics.

When we gather in Chicago, we will devote our time and energy to a “dynamic dialogue.”  The Board of Directors will propose several main “thrusts” for the future of our LGBTQI Catholic justice movement, building on what was learned from the Jubilee discussions. Participants will choose one topic of keen interest, join others who share the interest, and develop the idea together in small groups. Groups will be able to communicate with others in the ballroom in real time using facilitated interactive technology enabled by personal devices such as a cell phone or tablet. The resulting output will inform our leaders in forging DignityUSA’s exciting future.   

Read more about what this Dynamic Dialogue may look like.