What is Dynamic Dialogue?

The 50th Anniversary Jubilee Conference will see a great pilgrimage of the people of a movement known as Dignity to the city of Chicago.  The DignityUSA National Conference Committee began work planning this very special event back in 2015! 

The program promises to be an opportunity for an exciting exchange of ideas. There will be three major addresses – each focused on one of three aspects of our Jubilee Period of preparation:  our roots, our present, and our future.  There will not be plenary sessions in which speakers to talk to us.  This time we will talk with one another – tapping into the wisdom that we have accrued over fifty years of service to the Church and the LGBTQ community.  After the second address, the entire assembly will be invited to partake in an experience dubbed a “Dynamic Dialogue”.  It is a loosely-structured event in which all of us will select one of four major “thrusts” presented by the Board for consideration for our future.  These thrusts have been informed by the reports of conversations held in our local communities in the last eighteen months.  

The conference theme is “True to Ourselves, True to the Spirit.” We have been cautioned by some wise advisors to resist the impulse to plan everything to a T in the belief that too much structure inhibits the Spirit to speak with us.  The Dynamic Dialogue is inspired by our annual celebration of the Feast of Pentecost.  If you have read the explanation of the tradition of “Jubilee” you will have noted the repetition of the number seven.  Interestingly, Pentecost is observed on the seventh Sunday after Easter – and marks the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples.  You will recall the cacophony of confusion as people from many lands were speaking in tongue of different languages and how the Spirit enabled them to understand one another.  The third person of the Trinity (Wisdom, the feminine Sophia) is in tradition most active in the midst of uncertainty.  Dignity has experienced this dynamic many times in our history.   

Come curious to Chicago.  The Dynamic Dialogue is going to be just that.  What will you need?  We will be using current information technology to facilitate this event – enabling participants to register opinions real-time on large screens in the assembly.  You will need a device such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.  With your registration, you will receive instructions on how to download a special app that will enable your participation in this dynamic event. 

Come!  Bring your experience and faith to the table.  Come!  Experience what the Spirit does with this dynamic event!

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